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This company is disgraceful! I found out after someone died in one of there houses they still made the widow pay to get out of her lease.

Disgusting! And I have had sewage and plumbing issues with my building for quite some time. They refuse to put their promises in writing, made me pay building plumbing bills, have me and my family living with turning the water on and off at the street (against housing code), and manager won't come to lobby to speak to me. Not only am i having to get a lawyer, i have had to call the BBB and city code enforcement just to get the repairs made.

Bad business Bad attitudes and Faulty management.

Do not rent from these people! Do not list your property with these people.

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Killeen, Texas, United States #779300

Do not rent from them.i pay the company plumbing bills since jwc took over. I've been here for 3yrs.And house repairs takes months.

They even enter your house without a notice or leave a note after. And they say they have every right to enter without me knowing.

I don't know but I feel like my privacy has been violated and it's not right.And When I called them about it they're so rude and have an attitude. I'm so moving out!!

Killeen, Texas, United States #686805

I had the same issue with sewage in my duplex. The family that shared the building with me were calling the "emergency phone number" for hours!!!!

We had sewage coming up in the toilet's and bath tubs. I never received a call from the company, but the plumber showed up MANY HOURS after it started. Come to find out I WAS PAYING FOR NOT ONLY MY WATER BUT THE FAMILY OF 3 IN THE SAME BUILDING!!!.This was one of JIM WRIGHTS personal properties. Than when I moved out the sent me a bill for over due water bills...That were charged once my lease was up!!

Of course I had to prove it.


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