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Update by user May 05, 2011

CONTACT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!! They have 27 complaints against them, 10 in the last year.

Contact the editor at the Killeen Daily Herald, Contact KXXV. I am also contacting an attorney to discuss tenant rights.

They are practice grossly abusive and negligent business practices. We need to stand up, TOGETHER, they are a large company and it will take many.

Original review posted by user May 03, 2011

This is the worst management company that I have ever worked with!!! I have lived in NJ and Jersey, so I know what I am talking about.

They won't let you sign a 12 month lease, and then they raise the rent every 6 months. It took over a month to get a repair. They didn't inspect the property, so they didn't give me a lease renewal. When I called to ask about the required intent to vacate notice time, they asked about my lease, and they didn't disclose anything more.

I received a bill for going month-to-month. I had never requested it. So, when I went to the office, they told me that they had not done their required inspections, and that I needed to sign the new lease... which was 50 dollars more a month.

REALLY? I was broken into and I had to pay for the repairs to the windows. This is just the worst company, REALLY!!! I am not going to move out of Killeen, but I am moving out a JWC managed property.

They have to realize that we the renters are paying them, NOT the people that are letting them rent their homes out. I loath the way the handle business, and pass on their mistakes to the consumer.... If you want to get screwed, and have to pay for it... JWC rentals, would be the company to help you out.

This is from a person who rented and paid on time for 2 years. The one thing that has kept me there, is that I know that they are going to come up with some excuse to keep my down payment, at this point it doesn't matter, I just want to get away from these hateful, unhelpful individuals.

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Texfun we should start a petition to put them put of business, I just had the worst experience with them today

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