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they are terrible!! i moved into an apartment which (i am young and therefore..gullible with this) when i was viewing it i noticed a smell.

i was told it was just from not being occupied and since it really wasn't strong i thought nothing of it. well, when i moved in, that smell quickly got strong. it smelled like mildew and there were damp spots whenever it rained and even in the mornings sometimes. i put in an order on it and they came out and did absolutely nothing.

like seriously, nothing. i got the carpet cleaned twice and it was still there. i had to have candles on all the time to mask it. not just that, but i began to have this cough, and it was gross!

literally the whole 6 months i lived there i was coughing every morning nasty stuff up for hours..everyday. (now that i'm out of the apartment and have spoken to lots of people, i believe it was likely black mold and they didn't do anything about it because they would have had to pay for me to live elsewhere and take out the carpet and/or wall to get to it all the while its hazardous to health!) when i left, i no longer had that terrible coughing up stuff every morning. i cleaned everything so good that the inspector was amazed. buuut a sponge i had used that was a little dirty dripped a little into the drip pan on the stove.

literally i could have taken the same sponge and wipped it had i known they were going to charge me $30 for one drip pan!! they find all kinds of ways to charge you but don't do *** for you. there was also a hole behind a door when i moved in and they said they would fix it. six months later when i was gone, the hole was still there.

(keep the original packet with pictures they took at inspection, KEEP IT! so glad i did they couldn't say anything) i just hope they finally did something about the (possibly mold?) smell and carpet so nobody else has to deal with what i did. oh yeah, don't most places know about their properties? i asked when the last time the carpet had been replaced, they didn't know.

i asked when the last time the walls had been repainted, they didn't know. i asked how old the building was, they didn't know...o.O' i know, i was so *** for actually taking the place.

it was only because i needed something immediately and it was so close to base. STAY AWAY!!!

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