I wish I would have known about this company before renting from them. Viewing the house for the first time I liked it, being a first time renter with houses I had no experience & I can say they definitely opened my eyes to a lot. Upon inspection , after already putting down a deposit, I went through every room and took pictures of everything along with the inspector. The water was turned off so we weren't aware of any leaks or anything. The bathroom was used and clearly was sitting there for awhile because the whole house smelled like it! There were dead bugs literally everywhere that were not cleaned up. It appeared there was a flood in the house and the only thing replaced was the foundation, thankfully! The kitchen cabinets were old and gross. Under the kitchen sink was soft and molding from water damage. There were dead bugs INSIDE the cabinets, water damage in guest bathroom, peeling wallpaper, dog hair stuck to all the walls from previous tenant, chipped paint and damaged walls in the living room, holes in the doors, all screens on the windows were broken. Before inspection the inspector told me that there was still work orders in for the house to repair all these things & after I signed the inspection papers she then told me that all work orders were cancelled because I moved in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So right after inspection I went to the office to complain, not even a day in the house & they told me all clean up and repairs are now my responsibility. Being young and not knowing what else to do, I cleaned the whole house 10x over and dealt with all the damages and imperfections. A week later we had ordered TV and Internet only to come to find out that our cabling wires needed replaced because they were outdated and did not work. So I went in and told them about it and automatically they replied saying it was our responsibility, but if I bring in a reciept she will see if the owner will cover it. Last time I checked I was RENTING the house , NOT OWNING IT! so we paid the $100 for the cabling and brought back the reciept only for them to tell us that they do not accept those receipts ! What a bunch of scammers! At this point I'm documenting everything we pay for and what it looks like before and after.

Now I'm hating my life, deep in a ditch because we just found out we have cockroaches , only a month living here ! And you can only guess what they'll say to that... They're draining us of all our money. If we wanted this much responsibility of redo-ing a house, we would have built or bought our own. Please read the reviews before renting with this company. They are the biggest frauds I've dealt with and they will not hesitate to ruin your life and take your money. They are a horrible business ran by horrible people. I give them NEGATIVE 10 stars (-10)

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1302016

As a renter, you are not responsible for ANY repairs unless you are the one that caused the damage. I would suggest you take pictures of ALL damage you see or you could be held responsible for it when you move out.

Also, did you know you can find out who the owner is by going through the county's tax page at https://mcgtn.org:8081/County/assessor/webpro/search.aspx

Contact the owner, which is something management companies HATE. The owner is paying the management company to take care of tenants so they will not be bothered. However, some owners are cheap and don't want to fix anything or they may not be aware how bad things are. Offer to send them pictures and provide as many details as possible.

Stick to the facts and leave the drama out. They'll respect you more.


As a good landlord, I am ashamed of this problem for you. You should complain to the local authorities.


My Daughter rented from them when she was there and had horrible service also. There Rude! I wouldn't rent a Dog House from JWC Rentals for my worst enemies mangy mutt, look around, not at JWC!!!

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #923273

Get your local state housing authorities involved as well! I've gone through these problems before.

Once the housing authorities and commission got involved all of a sudden it was all yes sir and smiles and fixed.

As well I would advise you to seek an attorney.

Milan, Tennessee, United States #910548

First off anything broken and on your inspection list as needing repaired before you moved in is NOT your responsibility...you are only responsible for anything you damage...as for the roaches unless your lease states you are responsible for pest control they have to exterminate...and if you can prove the roaches were there before you moved in they have to pay for it no matter what the lease says. Most states have where you send the landlord a Certified list of everything needing repaired in the house...and you file it at the court house...you then pay your rent in escrow for a determined amount of time to allow for repairs...if they do not make repairs you get your money back...might want to check into it :)

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